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The way we work across the world is changing. Technological advances has also changed the way we want things – we want it now, faster, efficient and cheaper. Cedijob is designed to satisfy these needs and provide Ghanaians with the most reliable and trusted freelance workforce to serve different skill/service requirements. Cedijob is an online platform that connects skilled independent professionals with people who need their services, eliminating the frustration and difficulty that comes with finding qualified people for certain skills. The global freelance industry is growing and as employers are finding ways of minimising the burdens that comes with hiring, contract workers for certain tasks are fast becoming the preferred option and that’s where we come in. has been dedicated to serving as a common market for creators, investors, and consumers. Through Cedijob, creators can easily and conveniently create a virtual office where they can collaborate investors and consumers. Powered by art and innovation, the service continues to offer a world of opportunities for all kinds of people anywhere, anytime in Ghana.

Cedijob is targeting all who want to work as freelancers using their skills, those looking for all sorts of job postings, and all who want to post jobs online and hire people to get them done in exchange for money. With this very platform, one can make a wide range of connections with employers, investors and job posters. We offer you the opportunity to add all the necessary info to your profile and also apply for a job online. We allow all forms of job postings such as full-time, part-time, freelance, projects and more.

We have a Q&A page where users get the opportunity to ask or answer questions. Also, people can upload their CV's to make others know who they really are in their professional fields. Anyone who is willing to make use of his/her skills to generate money as well as businesses and others who want to post jobs online at no cost and hire people to do them.

Cedijob has a wide range of skills available on this platform. You can indicate your skillset in your profile. This makes it easier for others to know what you are capable of when they are in need of those who possess the qualities you have. This is the time for you to start advertising yourself online or post all manner of jobs online on a platform which is specially built to meet your needs in your professional field.

Again, you can create teams and call on others to join. Sometimes, job posters prefer to hire people who work in teams. Here, you can team up with others to apply for a particular job.

You are always welcome to check out our Frequently-asked-questions page for more info concerning how we use data, creating account, signin in with Facebook, advertisement, reporting, your user account, our data protection practices, and many more...


To effectively bring together creators, investors and consumers together.


To create a leading platform for creators and consumers to exist.

Not having an account? Be part of the community today as we build a strong platform to strengthen the connections between people online in the field of work. Create a new account and start enjoying Cedijob today!


Post / Get jobs . Be it freelance, full-time, part-time, internship. etc.

Add a multiple number of portfolios and attach photos to it to have people see what you have done.

Only donate when you get the job.

User ratings are available here. Regular logins and contributions to Q&A page and others can boost your user rating with ease.

See all jobs that fall within your skillset range.

Apply for the job over here.

Add your nickname, profile photo, how much you charge, a promise of satisfaction and few things to make you unique.

Answer / Ask questions with our Q&A page. You can tag your questions with specific topics of interest.

Read about stories of others or tell one. This can help you gain more connections especially when people read your story and decide to connect with you.

Join / Create teams and apply for jobs with them. Only team administrators can apply for the job.

See all necessary job details including amount involved, payment, job type, duration, expiry date, and many more.

Filter jobs according to your preferences. Time, type, the amount involved and many others are all available.

Write a review about others. Positive reviews can help others win proposals.

We have taken away the stress of walking around looking for jobs.

Track all the jobs you have posted. You can easily keep in touch with the one you gave the job too.

Clients will no longer have to go round looking around for best workers for the job.

Your skills are known to make it easier for clients to know who you are before they even contact you.

Reach out to others here via messages on this very platform.

Job posters will have information on previous jobs and others to aid in selecting the right worker for the job. This helps yield better results from the job.

You can meet people who are willing to invest in workers based on their skillset. Employers can be found here in their areas of employment, the number of workers they currently need, and other vital information.

Let your family and friends know about Cedijob. Help us get out there to reach more people.


  We are in 52 Castle Rd, Accra, Ghana

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 Mobile : +233 548 169 823

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  52 Castle Rd, Accra, Ghana


Your secret is safe with us. Your online activities, email, and other user-sensitive information will not be relayed to any third party without your notice. Cedijob will be held responsible for any inconveniences. Most of your personal details including email and mobile phone numbers will not be seen by anyone except the poster of the job if only he/she accepts your proposal. Sensitive user data are well encrypted and secure with us. You have total control over your account and how you make use of it. Learn more ...


Users can report hate speech and anything that does not align with our policy. We shall handle any situation with the right approach and ensure that this platform continues to maintain its integrity with users and other third parties.


Verified   -   A verified account is one that has been confirmed by the account holder as being a true account. Cedijob decides the verification by contacting the account holder.

N / A   -   Short of for Not available.

  -   More / Menu / Settings icon.

FAQs   -   Frequently Asked Questions.

Mark   -   It is used to tell that you have read a message or notification.

Worker Fidelity   -   A term given to donation made to Cedijob by a user after receiving payment for a job.

Q&A   -   This term refers to a page on our site where you can ask/answer questions. It might be that you are encountering a difficulty in doing something. The Q&A page will therefore give you answers to your question.

Closed jobs   -   These are jobs that no longer accept proposals. They are no longer available for workers to apply for and that these jobs do not appear in default job searches.

Featured jobs   -   A list of jobs that have been suggested based on your skill set. Add your skills to your profile for us to suggest jobs that fall within your skillset for you.

Team   -   Here, we offer you the opportunity to work with others. You can build a team and call on other from here to join you. Sometimes, clients require the services of those who work in teams.


Notice that you shall deal one-on-one with the client / worker if you reach agreement.

Take notice that your email and mobile number will be given to a client when your proposal is chosen. This ensures simple and easy communication between you and the client. Include a mobile number as part of your profile if you have not done so.

You shall receive messages from people without any restriction. You can decide to turn this off so as to avoid others from sending you messages.

Your account will be blocked if you are found misbehaving. We believe in professionalism and please stay professional at all times. You can be reported by others when you violate our policies or abuse other users.

An already posted job can be updated only five times. This will help us reduce uncertainties to ensure proper and clarified job descriptions.

Users are advised to behave accordingly. Hate speech and the use of vulgar languages are forbidden. We shall suspend or permanently delete your account if found out that you are running a fake account or abusing a fellow user.


Here you can ask questions concerning your work and many other things. People will provide their opinions on your question. The question can be accompanied with tags which will make things very simple in searching for a particular content. Check out our Q&A.


Upload a photo with your face in it - Such profiles are trusted. If people see a picture which does not have a face in it, it is likely that the account holder will not be considered trustworthy.

Indicate your skill in your profile - When you do this, it improves your chances of being searched by other people. People search with a specific skill set.

Complete your profile - A completed profile shows how ready you are to work. It also shows that you are very conscious and mindful of what you do concerning your professional life.


We use cookies to store information about your browsing activities. With cookies, we are able to identify the best jobs and guesses for you. It also helps us store your login details so that you will not have to re-login anytime you come here. At times we might get your location with your IP address so that fraud and many things which are not in line with our policies can be forbidden or prevented. We need to be sure of whom we are dealing with. It is very essential to ensure professionalism if you really want to be a worker. You hereby accept this if you continue to use this website.


Did not receive activation email? Follow Get activation code link to activate your acount or check your spam folder in your mailbox whether the mail exists.

Forgot your password? Follow Recover link to activate your acount.

Want to delete your account? Email us with ( ).

Why we hide users mobile/email in profiles? We want to protect your privacy.


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Let us take action from here. Help us get out there to reach more people.

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