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Get to know the basic frequently asked questions.

How do I contact Cedijob?

You can email us with ( ). To call us, please use the following line +233 548 169 823. Were are there for you 24/7/365 meaning we shall always be happy and available to help.

Where can I find Cedijob?

We are at the 52 Castle Road, Adabraka, Accra. That is where we currently are. We have an office there and you are welcome to come over anytime you feel like doing so.

How does Cedijob protect my data?

We protect your privacy online by encrypting all your incoming data with a secure data-encryption protocol called, Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ). Your password, email, mobile number, and other sensitive information are secure. We shall not make use of your data without your consent. When we update our privacy policy, you shall be notified of it. Godaddy hosting service issued us this certificate ( SSL ) which secures your data from any attack or interception from crackers and hackers when sending sensitive information. Also, we do regular backups to help keep your data safe.

Does Cedijob accept third-party advertisement?

Currently, we do not accept any advert from third-party advertisers. In the future, we shall implement the feature to help advertisers target you based on your skills and things you have interest in. Your data will not be compromised and you will have total control over any form of advert you come across.


What does a profile page contain?

What is my profile made of?

Your profile page is made of three main sections:

  • General profile information
  • Reviews
  • Messages

General profile information

This section contains info about your general profile information. This is where your skills, other names, status, charge rate, profile link, rating, proposals made, jobs posted, the progress of your profile, about, promise, investment and employment details, time joined, full name, location, country, birthday, and, some other information.


A section where people comment about you is located. With the review feature, others can say something about you concerning a job and others. Also, they can rate you to improve your chances of getting new jobs and connections. Positive reviews can elevate your profile and gain your trust by other members or jobs posters who will like to hire your for a particular job.


Here, you will have a view of all messages sent to you by other members. It is filtered according to time and easy to read and keep up with previous messages.

Can I verify my account?

Yes! Verified profiles get an account holder trusted. It signifies that all info concerning the account is true. A verified account means that jobs posted are all verified and that all details concerning it are not false. Nowadays, people need trust in the field of business and that is one reason why it is sometimes considered a good idea to verify your account.

How can I verify my account?

  • Take a  [ photo ]  of one of the following or present it as a document (pdf, word, etc.) : National ID, Student ID, Voter ID, Passport or Drivers License.
  • Attach the photo or document to the form.
  • To verify your account, please go to your profile and click/tap on the verify my account button.
  • Notice : Verification process can take 3 days or weeks to complete.


What can get an account blocked?

Why reports?

Reports are made because of a violation of some of our policies or some other reasons. This helps Cedijob to effectively manage user accounts and also avoid abuse of any other member. Things concerning racism, identity theft, fraud, and other unwelcome situations can be properly handled if a user or member reports the issue. We shall then have a look at it carefully and find a better to deal with it using fair and proper means. Sometimes, a user account can be locked it he/she violates our stated policies.

How can I get back my locked account?

To get back a locked account, you will need to email us with ( ) and explain why you are writing to us. We shall, therefore, read through the report and settle the issue fairly. Thereafter, you can get your user account unlocked with a few steps.

What are the content of a report?

A report contains a subject of the root problem such as racism and others and a description concerning the issue. These are the two main requirements of any report.


How are accounts created?

How can i create an account?

To create an account, visit Sign Up page to start. You will need a username, email, password, and your birthday to create a fully functional account. Numbers are not allowed in usernames. Your account password will have to carry more than five characters. Symbols, numbers, and letters are all accepted in passwords but with usernames, only letters and spaces are required.

What happens after I create my account?

After your account is created, we send you a confirmation email to verify that the email is really yours. Mails sometimes take up to 10-25 minutes to arrive. There will be a button present in the mail to help you activate your new account.

What if the mail does not appear in my inbox?

Sometimes, the mail will be placed in your spam folder. Copy the link in the mail is found in your spam box and paste it into your browser. Hit enter and there you are: your account will be successfully activated and ready to be used.

Are there any others options to create an account?

You can alternatively create your account with Facebook social plugin or G-mail. With this kind of sign up process, you will not receive any mail. You will have to sign in to your account from these vendors and that is all. We shall automatically redirect you to your new profile.

I have signed up but have not received a confirmation email at all?

Please visit activation page to enter the mail you created the account with. We shall resend the confirmation email. Sometimes, it can take up to 10-25 minutes for mail to arrive. Check your spam folder if you do not see the mail in your inbox.


How do I sign in?

How do I sign in?

You will sign in with your email and password. You can also use Facebook social plugin or G-mail. These social plugins will not require you to enter any password when signing in.

What if I forget my password?

When you forget your password, go here and follow a few steps to get back your account.


Enter with your Facebook account.

What data do we collect from Facebook?

We collect your full name, email and date of birth.

What if I signed in with Facebook and was not given a password?

Request for a password change here and follow a few steps to to get back into your Cedijob account. Remember to enter your Facebook's account email address if required.

What if I signed in / signed up with Facebook and try to sign in / sign up with Cedijob default but get password is incorrect error or account already exists?

Request for a password here. Remember to enter your Facebook's account email address if required.

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